March United for Public Schools!

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student

1 in 8 New Yorkers is a NYC Public School student


New York is the greatest city in the world and our children deserve the best opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive. Not next year, or in ten years, but today. A first grader is only a first grader once.

March United for Public Schools is a celebration of public education and a call to action – March with us, advocate and raise vitally needed funds for our most vulnerable students.

We start at Foley Square in Manhattan and cross the Brooklyn Bridge to “The Future Festival” at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The creativity of New York’s most talented public school students will be on display — music, dance, art and food!

The Future begins Today. Support 1.2 million public school students, their teachers, and their communities.

Celebrate with us. March with us. Register or donate today.

Future Festival

The Future Festival
March United for Public Schools culminates with an exciting experiential block party at Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn to celebrate our achievements as marchers, as well as the amazing successes of the 1.1 million public school students across NYC, and the tireless efforts of the teachers, principals, and parents who have given of themselves to see our public school kids thrive.

We call it the Future Festival because our young New Yorkers are the leaders, innovators, creators, and educators of the future and, in the words of Malcolm X, “education is their passport.” The festival will include:

Inspiration Point
A 100 foot-long tent filled with multimedia creations photographers, visual artists and young filmmakers from across New York City.

March United Stage
Live performances by singers, bands, poets and dancers from New York’s public schools.

Shop March United
Our small business shopping village will showcase “Back to School” and “Summer Fun” products. Attendees will enjoy various games, activities, and explore new opportunities in learning.

Story Time Tent
Well known children’s book authors share their creations with our younger participants.

A Field of Food Trucks
From pizza to salads to mac and cheese, we’ll have food trucks galore to satiate any appetite.

Performers from across New York City are invited to perform live on the March stage. Singers, bands, poets, dancers are invited to contact us to discuss an opportunity for you to showcase your talents for a great cause. For more information, please contact:

After getting up early and walking three miles, our marchers are going to have a big appetite. If you own a food truck and are interested, are open to donating a portion of the proceeds to the cause, and want to join our Field of Food Trucks, contact:

Fundraising Tips

Ways to March

March As An Individual
Determined to join our march, but want to step at your own pace? Register to march as an individual today! There is no fee to register.

Are you the type that wants to lead your friends, family, and colleagues on a march for public schools? Start a team! A team consists of 5 or more individuals who will march together. There is no fee to register a team.

Hot Tips for Fundraising
Here are some great ways you can start your fundraising campaign and keep it going strong until the day of the March!

1. Personalize your fundraising page. From this platform you can tell your stories, post milestones and network.

2. Form a Team. When you start a team it’s easier to create a buzz around the event, and it’s more fun to raise money and participate with friends and co-workers.

3. Set a goal! You don’t have to reach for the stars, but if you do that’s great. A higher goal can keep you and your team motivated.

4. Start by making a self-donation. Lead the way and inspire your teammates to get the ball rolling!

5. Contact your contacts: friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues and let them know you’re part of a movement to improve public education. Let them know why this matters to you, and how they can contribute to your campaign.

6. Take to social: Let your networks know that you’re marching and why. Most importantly, stay connected!

7. Create friendly competition within the work space. See which department can raise the most money for the schools!

8. Stay connected with your team! Share inspiring quotes or stories from our Facebook page. Get them pumped and coordinated!

9. Host events! Get your community engaged with social events, office gatherings and team fundraisers.

10. Matching Gifts: Many companies will match their employees’ donations to a nonprofit. This is a fantastic way to easily double your team’s contributions. Check with your HR team to see if matching is available where you work!

Created by Bronx Artist Eric Orr, Max Robot first appeared in 1986 in “Rappin’ Max Robot”, the first hip-hop comic book

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